Why Theological Insight for Today?

Why Theological Insight for Today?


Warm greetings to all! Welcome to my new website called “theological insight”. As a committed theological student and musician, I am very much motivated to begin this ministry because contemporary society is moving towards the tradition of sharing thoughts. People are paying to know what others are thinking. Amazing! Isn’t it? Understanding other’s perspectives have been one of the essentials for the development of the economy, politics, religion, and society.

Time is progressive. The way we used to live and think has been drastically transforming since the beginning of this century. However, the foundational essence can’t be & mustn’t be compromised in whatever reason and context. I was born in the 20th century but struggled and learned to live life in the 21st century. Every next day, you will be challenged to adapt to the new ideologies, sometimes you can’t deny and sometimes you mustn’t choose. The choice is yours. Perspective is always relative but the truth must be spoken, written, shared, and defended. People can explain the situation for the sake of their own profit but they can’t & shouldn’t judge the person on their own. They may write all the colorful bias thoughts with the same black ink but the readers nowadays aren’t blind. You can neither shut up people’s mouths nor stop to write something on social sites but the public will certainly realize what do you think and are motivated by.

That is the reason, I felt the need of sharing my thoughts in the context of Nepal theologically. In the coming days, I will be publishing my thesis papers, book reviews, movie reviews, talk shows, literature, and academic writings from theological perspectives. I hope you will be delighted to connect with me. Everybody needs motivation and prayers, so do I. So, your suggestions are always welcomed. I hope to see you all in the coming days through theological glasses. May God bless you, everybody.


The theological insight is the need of every season in every region. We believe that theology is the basic to feed the spiritual food. Bible teaches us so many essentials about our life but every reader needs the proper guidance regarding interpretation. The ongoing contemporary issues in society, families and... Read More