Book Review on “Becoming a missional family”

Book Review on “Becoming a missional family”

Mathew, P. C. Becoming a missional family: Fulfilling God’s purpose in and through your family. Bengaluru: Urban India Ministries, 2014. Pp. 244. $ 7.99/- (kindle edition).

Dr. P. C. Mathew is the pioneer of the family and marriage ministry in India. He is a very enthusiastic writer. Dr. P. C. Mathew and Mrs. Ciby are the co-founders and National Executive Directors of Urban India Ministries and dedicated to transforming the families of the society in the righteousness of Christian life.

It has been the traditional and general understanding of the Christian society in many parts of the world that the center of Christian mission is the church rather than the Christian home. However, the author has raised the foundational and central aspects of Christian mission as the Christian home, which is remarkable and harmonized according to the Scripture. The early church in the first century initiated its ministry in the believer’s house & they were very missional as God.  

‘Becoming a missional family’ has been one of the remarkable Christian books to gear up the giant step for the Christian ministry in terms of becoming a missional family and doing the mission of God. The fuller content of the book is based on the greater purpose of God for family, meaning, quality, and the action of the missional family. 

The author has proposed that the missional family be affectionate and incarnational. The author challenged us to be as the family of Cornelius is very biblical to every Christian household. The book has been the combination of the author’s autobiography of missional experience in family ministry, biblical interpretation about the Godly family, dos and don’ts teaching manual, and motivational witnesses. 

Since this is a new beginning for the missional family perspective in the Christian mission, the content developed by the author is very appreciable. Every sentence of this book is pretty catchy and keyed in ordinary language in biblical perspective, as well as family issues that arise in every home has been beautifully and skillfully arranged. 

The flow of the presentation in every lesson and topic by the author is very dynamic. Every reader will be encouraged while finishing every page of the book. The reflection section at the end of every lesson will surely motivate every serious reader to think about their situation and responsibility. 

The ministry experience of the author mentioned in the book reflects the main reason for the motivation of the author to write books. The output has become good enough as the author’s experience rather than the theoretical knowledge alone. Every serious reader will find the information and events practical provided by the author. 

However, several biblical interpretations done by the author seem demanding further exegetical and hermeneutical study. The readers of this book will obviously, wish for its updated and revised version in the future. The author has provided many opportunities for the Christian thinkers and writers to start and investigate the issues about becoming the missional family apart from the limited boundary of the Indian context, as well. 

Becoming a missional family has been a very encouraging and practical book for the present context in Christian society. People are looking for a helper to solve their family problems and make them able to think bigger as God’s grander purpose. If they genuinely desire to make their family as God-desired a missional family, and then they must read this book as soon as possible.

The family structure differs from time to time and place to place. However, the fundamental core value always remains in every family in the world. The Bible teaches the origin of the family is based on God’s grander purpose. The author has followed the same path to help and equip every family for the mission from the Scriptural enlightenment. The author’s big aim to see the transformed church and transformed society only by making the missional family is successfully justified and concluded in the book.


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