Article Review on “What is a Seminary Library for?”

Article Review on “What is a Seminary Library for?”

Lincoln, Timothy D. What is a Seminary Library for? Texas: Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 2003.

Timothy D. Lincoln is the director of seminary assessment and library services at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, Texas. His passion and love for the library development and librarian’s ministry are well reflected in this article, and it shows that theological libraries and librarians never should be underestimated for their academic contributions in the seminaries.

The writer has reviewed the financial, theological education, spiritual advantage, ministerial importance, the missional approach of the well-managed library by explaining the libraries in the literature of the theological education in North American libraries. The writer has broadened the concept of the seminary administration as stewardship apart from the limited religious sense to every part of life that also includes the activities of the theological library in the life of a school. The classic arguments for the value of theological libraries done by the writer are appreciable because these arguments provide the biblical foundation for the existence and requirement of the theological library even in the present era of highly internet influence to preserve the Christian literature and skilled librarians to help us to find the pertinent material for the research and study.

The educational value of the theological library such as the breadth of reading axiom, information literature axiom, and time crunch axiom argued by the writer is very practical and challenging for the seminaries because these things define the educational needs of theological needs. The implication suggested by the writer is also challenging and applicable in our context.

The writer’s task of challenging the seminary academic administration to establish the right perspective on librarians and accept them as an important part of the institution is significant. The writer has also warned the seminary administration not to take advantage of theological libraries for the financial benefits.

The classic and educational arguments, implications are brief and time-saving. In this way, the article has been very informative, positively written with the vision, biblically acceptable, practically applicable, and organizationally beneficial.

The writer has done very hard work to gather the important aspects of the library, to challenge the theological seminary by bringing well-recognized arguments. The data presented in the articles are informative and useful.

Since the writer has raised this very serious topic, the summary and implication part would have been better if elaborated. Some words and phrases used in the article are very difficult to understand that can distract the reader’s focus. After all, the article is one of the finest products of the writer to challenge the theological seminary to establish the right perspective on libraries and librarians and classify their academic responsibility accordingly.


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